A dermopurifying and detoxifying treatment to balance the status of seborrheic scalps prone to imbalances. plays a profound rebalancing and anti-inflammatory action.


For sensitive, red, irritated or clogged scalps, due to too aggressive cosmetic treatments, irritating environmental factors or body imbalances, soothing and moisturising deeply becomes imperative.


A purifying method to regulate scalp peeling and prevention of reappearance over time. Performs an immediate refreshing and antiseptic action.


A microsimulation of the scalps blood circulation and strengthening of the hair bulb contributes to anti-hair loss or thinning due to the presence of plant stem cells which support the metabolism of the scalp and helps regeneration of the hair follicle.


If your hair loses substance and colour quickly, appearing dull and glassy and you have many split ends, then you need a special treatment which restores a healthy structure and a silky and compact appearance.


Head Spa Treatments

Scalp and Hair Treatments

We choose scalp and hair treatments, hair baths and the type of service that best meets our customers needs.

As an OWAY HEAD SPA, we use products formulated according to green chemistry with a high concentration of essential oils and bio-dynamic ingredients. We work with botanical raw materials from fair trade network and all our packaging is recycled or 100% infinitely recyclable. This enables us to exceed our clients’ expectations. Continuous monitoring of the health and condition of the clients’ hair is top priority. At Sacco Martin we work for the halllistic well being of people.